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Articles by Esha Kumar

Esha Kumar

Law Graduate

Esha is a law graduate at Sprintlaw from the University of Sydney. She has gained experience in public relations, boutique law firms and different roles at Sprintlaw to channel her passion for helping businesses get their legals sorted.

What Is An Employee Commission Agreement?

An Employee Commission Agreement sets out the terms on which…

by Esha Kumar • May 25, 2020

Why It’s Important To Have A Strong Commercial Lease

If you’re the owner of commercial property and are looking…

by Esha Kumar • May 18, 2020

How Do I Change A Contract?

Commercial contracts are important documents between one or more parties…

by Esha Kumar • May 15, 2020

Do I Need Terms of Use For My Website?

If you’re a provider of goods and services on a…

by Esha Kumar • May 15, 2020

Need A Reseller Agreement For Your Business?

If you’re a manufacturer or supplier and would like to…

by Esha Kumar • May 14, 2020

My Supplier Can’t Perform Due To Coronavirus. What Are My Rights?

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt by nearly all…

by Esha Kumar • April 15, 2020

Is Cybersquatting Legal?

When you’re starting a new business, one important thing to…

by Esha Kumar • April 2, 2020

What Is A Dropshipping Agreement?

Are you thinking of setting up an online store? Dropshipping…

by Esha Kumar • March 17, 2020

Is It Legal To Set Minimum Resale Prices?

If you’re in the business of supplying products, sometimes your…

by Esha Kumar • March 17, 2020

What Do I Need To Know About Convertible Notes?

For many startups, there may be a time when you…

by Esha Kumar • January 23, 2020