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Hiring employees

Growing your team and getting new employees on board can be very exciting for businesses. A healthy relationship with employees is vital for a successful business, which requires both the employer and employee to understand the terms of the employment.

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Here are the packages commonly requested by other businesses:

Employment Contract

Make sure you have proper contracts in place with your employees that are compliant with their entitlements under the Fair Work Act.

  1. Awards: Certain roles in specific industries are legally protected by an “award”, each providing minimum pay rates and conditions for that role or industry.
  2. 10 minimum conditions: All employees in Australia, regardless of whether they are covered by an award, are entitled to 10 minimum conditions called the National Employment Standards or the NES.
  3. Protect your business: A good employment contract will also protect your business by setting out clear terms around ownership of IP, confidential information and post-employment restrictions in the event the employee leaves your business.

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Staff Handbook

Your business should also have policies and procedures which all employees are expected to follow.

  1. Applies to all employees: Unlike employment contracts that apply to individual employees, the staff handbook contains policies and procedures which apply to all employees.
  2. It works together with the employment contract: The staff handbook is often referred to in employment contracts, requiring employees to comply with all policies and procedures.
  3. What’s in a handbook?: The contents will vary from business to business, but most businesses should have policies and procedures covering workplace bullying, discrimination, sexual harrasment, internet use and social media use.

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