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Register a Company


$1190 + GST

Initial consultation
Register a Company


Setting up a company is important in separating your personal liability from the affairs of your business. It is also useful if you want to divide the ownership of the business between you and your other co-founders. To set up a company, you will need to formally register with ASIC and sort out all of your company documents to appoint directors and shareholders.


We’ll set up your business under a single company structure.

This package includes:

  • Initial consultation with a Sprintlaw lawyer
  • Applying for ACN registration with ASIC for 1 company
  • Applying for ABN registration for 1 business
  • Electronic company register pack, including the Certificate of Registration, Constitution, Share Certificates, Copy of Form 201, Register of Members and all required resolutions and consents

Important note about signing:

Upon registration of your company as part of this Register a Company package, you agree on behalf of the company that the company will be our client for the remaining scope of this proposal, including for preparing any documents under this proposal.

This package includes the initial ASIC fee to set up. However, please note that once you set up a company, you will need to pay ASIC an annual review fee for each company. Your first payment will be required in 1 year’s time. This package does not include any tax advice.

Please note that this package does not include hard copies of the company documents. We will provide you with electronic versions of the company documents upon registration. If one of your directors or shareholders is overseas, we will be unable to register your ABN for you. We can provide you with guidance on how to complete this step yourself.