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Contract Review


$1375 + GST

Contract Review
Written Advice
Phone Consultations


If you’re asked to sign a contract, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer review it. An experienced lawyer can spot clauses that are unfavourable to you, and also recommend provisions that are usually included in contracts of a similar nature


We’ll review a contract provided by you, highlight key issues and risks for you, and prepare a list of changes for you to request from the other side.

This package includes:

  • Review of the contract by a Sprintlaw lawyer
  • 1 x phone consultation with a Sprintlaw lawyer to walk you through the review (and settle your negotiating position if required).
  • Optional: List of changes for you to request from the other side (this will be in a format you’ll be able to send to the other side).

Please note that this is a limited scope package does not include re-drafting or marking-up the document. If re-drafting or marking-up is required, we will provide a new quote for the re-draft.

This package does not include any direct negotiations or correspondence with the counter-party or their lawyers, or reviewing any responses from the counter-party or their lawyers to the list of requested changes. If you need further negotiation support or additional rounds of review, we will provide a new quote scoped according to our Negotiation Support package.