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Deed of Termination


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Deed of Termination
Phone Consultations
Complimentary Amendment


A Deed of Termination is a document used by parties to confirm that a legally binding contract previously entered into is to be terminated. It is useful in circumstances where the parties wish to confirm that they would like to end all or part of their commercial relationship. Depending on the situation, the document will set out any final payments to be made, releases or waivers of liability and confidentiality oblgiations of the relevant parties. It is a useful tool for parties to avoid future disputes which may otherwise arise in relation to the termination of an agreement.

WHAT’S INCLUDED?We’ll draft a Deed of Termination according to the requirements of your business.

This package includes:

  • Drafting a Deed of Termination in accordance with the requirements of your business
  • Phone consultations (up to 60 minutes) with a Sprintlaw lawyer who will take your instructions, advise you on the legal issues you need to know and answer your questions about the document
  • 1 x complimentary amendment to the final draft we provide you, as long as you request the amendment within 10 business days of us delivering the final draft