Contracts can come in many forms and sizes

But – regardless of what type of contracts you’re using – often businesses have outdated contracts or agreements that are just not airtight.

If you’re unsure whether your business’ contracts are still up to scratch, we’re here to help. We’ll be able to redraft your contract for you, ensuring your business is protected. 

Why Should I Get My Contract Redrafted? 

There are many reasons why it’s important to make sure your contract is up to scratch and not outdated. 

Some good reasons to redraft your contract include: 

  • Law changes: If you’re providing goods or services, there may be regulations that apply specifically to your business and contract. Laws are frequently changing, so it’s important to make sure that your contract is still legally sound in light of any changes.
  • Limiting risk exposure: If the goods or services you’re providing may expose you to some risk, then it is important to update your terms and conditions to protect your business. It could be a matter of adding alternative dispute resolution clauses or intellectual property protection clauses.
  • Avoiding unfair terms: It is important to make sure that your contracts and agreements do not have unfair or unreasonable clauses. A good example of this is if your contract includes exorbitant penalty clauses, which may be contrary to Australian Consumer Law. Redrafting your contract ensures you’re fully compliant and helps you avoid hefty penalties!

Plus, with customer expectations changing in the new business space, the modern consumer wants to have a contract that is easy to read, use and understand. At Sprintlaw, we’ve workshopped our contracts to ensure that they’re plain, simple and easy to use — for both our clients and yours.

An Example Of The Benefits of Contract Redrafting

Let’s say you’re a dry hire business who has been running for many years now. 

You have an agreement that you’ve been using with all your customers for over ten years, and it hasn’t been updated since the day you had it drafted. 

In this case, it’d be a good idea to have a lawyer review your contract and make sure that it is up to scratch. 

It might be that the contract needs to be redrafted from scratch as it just doesn’t work for your business, or it may only need a couple of clauses drafted in. Either way, when a lawyer reviews the contract, they’ll be able to spot risks and liabilities you may be exposed to. 

And, if you speak with a lawyer who has experience in your industry, they’ll know the common problems that might come up within your business — and how a solid contract can avoid them.

How Can Sprintlaw Help? 

Here at Sprintlaw, we have expert lawyers who specialise in various areas of law. 

We’ll be able to review and redraft your contract so that it is consistent with law and limits liability to your business. Feel free to get in touch at or at 1800 730 617 to learn more!

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