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Re-imagining legal services for small business.

Sprintlaw is a new type of law firm that operates completely online and on a fixed-fee basis. We’re on a mission to make quality legal services faster, simpler and more affordable for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our Story

The Question

We believe every success story starts small.

Every day, we see businesses with innovative ideas and great products or services, but all too often, they end up being derailed by the complicated legal landscape.

The idea for Sprintlaw started when we were working as lawyers in a traditional corporate firm, servicing well-established clients. These clients can afford lawyers and are accustomed to getting quality legal advice. But we saw a startling amount of small businesses & startups sitting across the table, who ended up drawing the short straw because they just didn’t have the right legal knowledge.

So why are small businesses so reluctant to see a lawyer?

The Answer

The explanation is simple.

Seeing a lawyer is a headache. They are too expensive, too time consuming and hard to reach, and crucially for the 21st century, they are not online.  That’s where Sprintlaw comes in.

We’re a new type of law firm, made up of tech-savvy, expert lawyers that operate completely online – saving our customers time and money, and providing quality legal services that are more efficient, cost-effective and user friendlyNavigating the legal system is a crucial part of creating a successful business and we believe lawyers exist to make this task easier.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to do.

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Expert lawyers, powered by tech.

We’re seeing the role of a lawyer change. Technology can now take care of many things lawyers have traditionally done and legal information is readily available online. We believe that where lawyers can really make a difference is in doing the things technology can’t do – helping clients navigate all this information and find the right solution to their legal problem.

By empowering our lawyers with our custom-built automation technology that takes care of the easy stuff, we’re able provide a better, more affordable service and ensure that our clients are only paying for work they can’t do themselves.

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