What's included in my membership?

Your Sprintlaw membership includes:

– Phone consultations with our specialist business lawyers
– 10% discount on any of our fixed-fee legal services
– Quick questions to our lawyers, which you can submit online or via email
– Access to our membership offers, including discounts on insurance, web design, accounting and more.

What is a "quick question"?

A quick question is a legal question that a lawyer can respond to in less than 15 minutes. It is useful for something that you want to double check with a professional before moving ahead. Quick questions can be submitted via email to our QA email address.

Some examples of quick questions are:
– Do I have to have a tick box on my online shop for customers accepting my Privacy Policy?
– I have just updated my Service Agreement, do I have to tell all my existing customers?
– My client signed our service agreement with the right business name but wrong ABN, do I need them to sign it again?
– Do I have to offer a refund for change of mind?

A quick question does not include:
– Reviewing any legal documents
– Industry-specific regulatory advice
– Any legal advice that takes more than 15 minutes for a lawyer to respond to

How do I get started and what's your process?

Just click the ‘get started’ button on our website and submit an enquiry regarding a membership. After you’ve submitted an enquiry, one of our legal consultants will review your enquiry and get in touch with you within 1 business day to take you through your options and help you decide on the membership plan or fixed-fee service that best fits your needs.

What areas of law can you give me advice on?

As part of your consultations, we can provide you with advice on any of the areas of law that we service. This includes technology, intellectual property, contract drafting, privacy, corporate and commercial law. There are certain areas we can’t advise on, including dispute, debt collection, or personal legal matters (such as wills, estates, personal injury or conveyancing), regulatory advice or employee issues. If we can’t advise on your situation, we can help refer you to another provider who can.

What happens if I need documents or written advice?

In addition to your phone consultations with a specialist business lawyer, your membership also includes a 10% discount on any of our fixed-fee legal services. This means if you need help with any contracts, written advice or other legal services as part of your membership, we can do it for you at a discounted rate.

Are you a law firm? Who are your lawyers and how experienced are they?

Yes, Sprintlaw is a law firm. Specifically, we are an Incorporated Legal Practice registered with the Law Society of NSW.

Our legal team is made up of experienced lawyers, who are specialists in various areas of law and hold an Australian legal practising certificate. They have all trained at leading Australian firms, but have left the traditional corporate law world to join us on our mission to create a new and better way of delivering legal services.  Our team has specialist expertise in technology law, intellectual property law, contract drafting and review, corporate law and commercial law.

Do you have an office?

Yes, we have a head office based in Sydney, but our use of technology allows our team members to work remotely from around Australia. 

Due to this remote structure, all of our consultations are done over the phone or internet, and we do not see clients face to face.

What locations do you service?

We service clients from all around Australia. We also service some overseas clients on their Australian operations. As our lawyers are only qualified to give advice in relation to Australian law issues, we can’t advise on projects to the extent they involve the laws of other countries.

How does payment work?

At Sprintlaw, we always keep our fees transparent so you know the total cost of your legal bill from the start.

Your membership is billed either monthly or annually upfront. The price and scope are set out in our membership packages above. 

For our fixed-fee services, we will provide you with the quote for your service first. Once you’ve accepted the quote and signed our engagement letter, we will send through the payment details. Please note that we take full payment upfront into our trust account.

You’ll see in our engagement letter that your money will be held in our trust account until we’ve completed the scope of your project. To make sure that your money is handled properly, we follow the rules and guidelines set by the Law Society of NSW to handle your trust money. More information about trust accounts can be found here.

We accept all major credit cards as well as electronic fund transfers.

How do I book my phone consultations?

Once you’ve accepted our engagement and made payment, we will allocate you a lawyer as your main point of contact. Your lawyer will contact you via email and send you a link to their calendar booking system.

All you need to do is select a time slot that suits you and book it in! Your lawyer will call you at the appointment time and you can ask them your legal questions.

If you have urgent queries or would like to follow up with your lawyer, you can email or phone your legal consultant, who will be able to provide you with an update and pass on a message to your lawyer if it’s required.