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Our online team of top-trained lawyers provide specialist legal advice for business owners, wherever you are in Australia.

  • “They’ve helped us tremendously and are seriously knowledgeable and honest. Couldn’t recommend the crew at Sprintlaw more!”

    Amit Tewari, CEO, Soul Burger

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Manage your entire legal experience through our award-winning client portal. Book a call with your lawyer, send an electronically-signed document, or update your contracts—it’s all a click away.

  • “I’m so glad I used Sprintlaw – it was easy, affordable and their lawyers gave top quality advice. I could tell they really cared about my business.”

    Emmy Samtani, Founder, Kiindred

How it works

A legal subscription service that covers all your regular legal needs

Lawyer Calls

Book a free call with a lawyer whenever you need help, advice or answers.

Document Updates

At any time, our lawyers can make complimentary updates to documents we’ve prepared for you.

Discounted Legal Work

Receive a 10% membership discount on all our fixed-fee legal packages.

Online Portal

Contacting your lawyer and receiving work is easy with our custom-built client portal.

10% off all fixed-fee services for Sprintlaw Members

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Why Sprintlaw?

The Traditional Way

Traditional firms carry lots of baggage in
their operations – with board rooms, print
rooms, fancy offices, paralegals, secretaries
and hourly billing. This makes for an
expensive, inconsistent service.

The Sprintlaw Way

We’re top-trained lawyers, working online.
We operate under a lightweight,
tech-powered model. This makes us faster,
simpler and more reliable – and a fraction of
the cost of traditional firms.


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  • What’s included in my membership?

    Your Sprintlaw membership includes:

    • 30 minute phone consultations with Sprintlaw lawyers
    • Free updates to any documents we’ve prepared for you
    • 10% discount on any fixed-fee legal services
    • Online legal management portal
    • Online e-signature tool

    There is no strict limit on the number of phone consultations, quick questions or free updates you can request. However, we do have a fair use policy in place and our ability to respond to your requests is dependent on our legal team’s capacity.

  • How do the phone consultations work?

    Once you become a member, we’ll allocate you a lawyer as your main point of contact and send you a link to their calendar booking system.


    To book a call, all you need to do is select a 30 minute time slot on the lawyer’s calendar and they’ll call you at the appointment time.


    If you have urgent queries or would like to follow up with your lawyer, you can call us on 1800 730 617 or email our membership email address.

  • What is considered a free update to my documents?

    The Sprintlaw Membership includes free updates to documents that were prepared for you by Sprintlaw.


    We have a fair use policy in place, so all minor changes are included but any significant redrafting of the agreement, may be considered a new project. As a general rule, a Sprintlaw lawyer should be able to collect your instructions and complete the updates within 30 minutes. Changes that are negotiated with another party are not included.


    If you require updates that are not included as a free update, then we will provide you with a discounted fixed-fee quote for these updates.


    Example of a free update:
    There is a change in the Australian Consumer Law that requires updating the wording in a couple of clauses in your standard terms and conditions.


    Example of a new project (not included as a free update):
    Your terms and conditions cover selling products through your website, but now you have expanded your business and want to sell a range of services as well. These new services would required adding multiple new clauses to your terms and conditions, or even preparing an entirely new agreement.

  • What areas of law can I get advice on?

    As part of your membership, we can provide general advice on any of the areas of law that we service, including technology law, intellectual property, contract drafting, privacy, corporate and commercial law.


    Some complex legal issues and regulations may fall outside the scope of our general membership. In these cases, we may provide you a quote for an in-depth consultation with one of our specialist lawyers.


    Areas we don’t advise on include dispute, debt collection, personal legal matters (such as wills, estates, personal injury, conveyancing or criminal law), regulatory advice and employee issues. If we can’t advise on your situation, we can refer you to another provider who can.

  • What happens if I need documents or written advice?

    In addition to your phone consultations with a specialist business lawyer, your membership also includes a 10% discount on any of our fixed-fee legal services. This means if you need help with any contracts, written advice or other legal services as part of your membership, we can do it for you at a discounted rate.

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