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Member - Aidan Watt

Aidan Watt


Aidan is a lawyer at Sprintlaw, with experience working at both a market-leading corporate firm and a specialist intellectual property law firm.

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Member - Alex Solo

Alex Solo


Alex is Sprintlaw’s co-founder and principal lawyer. Alex previously worked at a top-tier firm as a lawyer specialising in technology and media contracts, and founded a digital agency which he sold in 2015.

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Member - Angie Lau

Angie Lau

Growth Team Leader

Angie is a Law and Civil Engineering student at Monash University. She has experience in telecommunications, marketing and consulting services for SMEs and joined Sprintlaw to follow her passion in making legal services more accessible.

Member - Angus Crawford

Angus Crawford

Senior Lawyer

Angus is a commercial lawyer at Sprintlaw. Having previously worked at an international firm, Angus has experience in corporate law, transactional matters, commercial agreements and intellectual property.

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Member - Brandon Gomes

Brandon Gomes

Lead Software Developer

Brandon is the Lead Software Developer at Sprintlaw. He has previously worked in the travel, fintech, and retail sectors and is experienced in developing innovative web solutions.

Member - Callum Ashley

Callum Ashley


Callum is a lawyer at Sprintlaw. Callum holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Melbourne and has previously worked in-house for a publicly listed international retail group as well as in commercial litigation. He has a range of experience in commercial contracts, intellectual property, data and privacy, e-commerce, and consumer law.

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Member - Chalisa Harta

Chalisa Harta

Senior Legal Consultant

Chalisa is a senior legal consultant at Sprintlaw. She is currently studying law at the University of Notre Dame and has experience in corporate law firms, community legal centres and maintaining client relationships. Now, she helps Sprintlaw assist small businesses and startups.

Member - Claudia Graham

Claudia Graham

Legal Team Leader

Claudia is Legal Team Leader at Sprintlaw. Claudia has top-tier law firm and in-house experience from Australia, Tokyo and New York, where she has worked on commercial, intellectual property and technology contracts and transactions.

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Member - Claudia Zimmermann

Claudia Zimmermann

Senior Lawyer

Claudia is a Senior Lawyer at Sprintlaw. Having previously worked at a prominent South Australian law firm, Claudia now has a strong background in a wide range of commercial areas. She particularly enjoys helping startups and small businesses navigate legal issues and processes.

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Member - Courtney Dalton

Courtney Dalton


Courtney is a lawyer at Sprintlaw. Before joining Sprintlaw, Courtney worked at top-tier and boutique law firms, and in-house for a number of large organisations. Having broad knowledge across corporate and commercial areas of law, Courtney provides clients with practical and accessible legal solutions.

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Member - David Duckworth

David Duckworth

Head of Technology

Dave is the technology lead at Sprintlaw. He has a background in tech operations, ensuring Sprintlaw is powered by the tech needed to serve its clients and ensure its lawyers work efficiently.

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Member - Edgel Tilan

Edgel Tilan

Senior Legal Consultant

Edgel Tilan is a senior legal consultant at Sprintlaw. He is currently completing his combined Law and Global Studies degree and co-founded the Filipino Association of Monash at Monash University.

Member - Embeth Sadie

Embeth Sadie

Legal Team Leader

Embeth is a Senior Lawyer at Sprintlaw. Having previously practised at a commercial litigation firm, Embeth has a deep understanding of commercial law and how to identify the legal needs of businesses.

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Member - Ethan Woods-Burnell

Ethan Woods-Burnell

Legal Consultant

Ethan is a Legal Consultant at Sprintlaw. Ethan is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Laws at Macquarie University and has prior experience in client relations, E-Commerce and sales.

Member - Gabi Yip

Gabi Yip


Gabi is a commercial lawyer with experience across many different industries, having previously practiced in government, commercial insurance litigation and in-house for a charity. She is dedicated to providing expert legal advice and support to her clients in a friendly and proactive manner. She has a particular interest in NFPs and charities, privacy, and employment law.

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Member - Georgia Thompson

Georgia Thompson


In New Zealand, Georgia practiced law in a general law firm specialising in private client matters. After a couple of years, she transitioned to a commercial advisor role in her family horticulture business, and experienced working on projects in the commercial, immigration and employment space.

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Member - Grace Stewart

Grace Stewart


Grace is a lawyer at Sprintlaw. Grace previously worked in-house for a global fin-tech. and is particularly interested in advising start-up founders having completed her honours thesis on the regulatory framework of Australia's start-up ecosystem.

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Member - Harry Randall

Harry Randall

IT Coordinator

Harry is one of the IT Coordinators at Sprintlaw. He is currently undertaking a double degree in Computer Science and Finance at ANU. His academic focus reflects a keen interest in using artificial intelligence to streamline and simplify business operations.

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Member - Helena Grima-Barraza

Helena Grima-Barraza

Growth Operations Manager

Helena is the growth operations manager at Sprintlaw. While completing a Commerce degree at the University of Sydney, she has gained a wide range of experience working in the fashion industry, public health sector, and community legal centres as well as running a non-profit.

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Member - Ishita Luthra

Ishita Luthra

Senior Legal Consultant (UK)

Ishita is a corporate lawyer at Sprintlaw UK. She is dual-qualified to practice in the UK and India. Ishita has previously worked at prominent law firms in London, UK and Mumbai, India and is experienced in corporate and commercial laws. She specialises in private M&A and structuring businesses.

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Member - Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith

Law Graduate

Jacob is a Law Graduate at Sprintlaw and completed his law degree at UNSW. He is passionate about increasing legal accessibility for small businesses and joined Sprintlaw in order to pursue this goal.

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Member - Joey Boyle

Joey Boyle

IT Coordinator

Joey is the IT Coordinator at Sprintlaw. Currently studying software engineering at UTS, he has an interest in how IT systems work in a business environment.

Member - Jordana Mintz

Jordana Mintz


Since graduating, Jordana has worked with leading South Australian law firms and has experience in commercial law, property law, succession law, intellectual property law and civil litigation. Her well-rounded experience provides a valuable offering to clients, allowing her to pre-empt problems and provide holistic solutions. She has a particular interest in providing commercial advice for start-up businesses.

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Member - Josh Broyda

Josh Broyda

General Manager (UK)

Josh is the General Manager of Sprintlaw UK. Previously, he served as the Head of Growth & Business Operations for Sprintlaw in Australia. Josh has extensive experience in highly regulated technology startups and has also worked at PwC. He has relocated to the UK to lead and expand Sprintlaw’s overseas business.

Member - Josh Perring

Josh Perring

Senior Lawyer

Josh is a Senior Lawyer at Sprintlaw. Josh has varied experience working both domestically and abroad in New York, USA. Josh has practiced in commercial litigation and is experienced in advising on commercial agreements, property and leasing, and intellectual property.

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Member - Marie Chan

Marie Chan

Legal Project Manager

Marie is a Legal Project Manager at Sprintlaw UK. Marie holds a LLB degree from Brunel University London and has a particular interest in the intersection between IP and the use of AI in the fashion industry.

Member - Miranda Clinton

Miranda Clinton

Legal Consultant

Miranda is a legal consultant at Sprintlaw. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and Communications (Social & Political Sciences) at the University of Technology Sydney and has previous experience managing business and government client relationships.

Member - Patrick Young

Patrick Young


Patrick is a Lawyer at Sprintlaw. Patrick completed his law degree and Honours thesis at UTS with an interest in Australian Consumer Law and has experience in law firms, local government and assisting in-house counsel.

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Member - Regie Anne Gardoce

Regie Anne Gardoce

Legal Transformation Lead

Regie is the Legal Transformation Lead at Sprintlaw, with a law degree from UNSW. Regie has previous experience working across law firms and tech startups, and has brought these passions together in her work at Sprintlaw.

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Member - Sapna Goundan

Sapna Goundan

Content Writer

Sapna is a content writer at Sprintlaw. She has completed a Bachelor of Laws with a Bachelor of Arts. Since graduating, she has worked primarily in the field of legal research and writing, and now helps Sprintlaw assist small businesses.

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Member - Stephanie Kok

Stephanie Kok


Stephanie is a commercial lawyer at Sprintlaw with experience from various large international and boutique firms in Commercial Law. She primarily specialises in contract, intellectual property and leasing matters.

Member - Supipi Amarasekara

Supipi Amarasekara


Supipi is a lawyer at Sprintlaw who primarily specialises in contracts, intellectual property and leasing matters. She enjoys working collaboratively with clients on the commercialisation of new initiatives to determine how can it be taken to market while mitigating legal risks in a pragmatic and commercially-savvy manner.

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Member - Tomoyuki Hachigo

Tomoyuki Hachigo


Tomoyuki is Sprintlaw’s co-founder and principal lawyer. He previously worked at a top-tier law firm as a corporate M&A lawyer advising corporates, startups and small businesses.

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Member - Wendy Lam

Wendy Lam

Legal Transformation Coordinator

Wendy is the Legal Transformation Coordinator at Sprintlaw. With a keen interest in technological optimisation, she is currently working towards her law and IT degrees at the University of Technology Sydney.

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