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Articles by Aidan Watt

Aidan Watt


Aidan is a lawyer at Sprintlaw, with experience working at both a market-leading corporate firm and a specialist intellectual property law firm.

Could A Share Buyback Agreement Help Your Business?

Managing shares is an important part of running a company.…

by Aidan Watt • August 29, 2022

What Is A Deed of Guarantee & Indemnity?

Agreements between multiple parties can be a complex area to…

by Aidan Watt • July 15, 2022

3 Things To Consider If You Want To Make Money From Social Media

Social media has become a great platform for creativity, content…

by Aidan Watt • August 25, 2020

Information Memorandum Disclaimers: What You Need To Know

When you are raising capital for your business, it’s always…

by Aidan Watt • July 17, 2020

What Is A Deed Of Waiver, Release & Indemnity?

When you’re ending a dispute, it’s best practice to make…

by Aidan Watt • July 17, 2020

Do You Need A Solar Installation Services Agreement?

Green energy is an increasingly important topic and many households…

by Aidan Watt • June 23, 2020

What Is A Deed Of Access & Indemnity?

As a director of a company, there are situations in…

by Aidan Watt • June 23, 2020

Do You Need Competition Terms & Conditions?

If you’re running a business, having competition can be a…

by Aidan Watt • June 23, 2020

Do I Need A Privacy Collection Notice If I Have A Privacy Policy?

What Is A Privacy Collection Notice?  If your business collects…

by Aidan Watt • June 23, 2020

What Is Share Vesting And What Kind Of Contract Do You Need?

Setting up a company share structure can be complex. But…

by Aidan Watt • June 23, 2020


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