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No matter the size of your business or your future plans, data and privacy protection is something you can’t ignore. Our lawyers will ensure you’re meeting your current legal obligations in these areas and that you’re protected into the future.

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It’s crucial to ensure you’re compliant with data & privacy obligations under the law. Not only does this mean legally protecting yourself against cyber security threats, but it also involves having a compliant privacy policy to properly deal with any information you’re collecting from your customers.

Specifically, a privacy policy is required by law if you fall within the criteria prescribed under the Australian Privacy Act. You may also need a GDPR compliant privacy policy if your business has some connection to the EU. Even if not required by law, we generally recommend businesses consider implementing a privacy policy and regularly review their data retention practices.

At Sprintlaw, our specialist data & privacy lawyers are ready to assist with providing tailored privacy policies and other data & privacy advice, including drafting Privacy Policies, Health Privacy Statements and more.

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