If you’re creating and selling a piece of software, you probably have a way in which you want your product to be used. This is where an Acceptable Use Policy comes in.

An Acceptable Use Policy sets out the behaviours that the users of a network, website, platform or service must comply to. This is important to ensure that systems and services aren’t being misused, and might also protect your business from legal actions.

Why Do I Need One?

As a software developer, when you set out to create a piece of work, you’d likely have an intention for how it should be used. This policy will act as a contract between IT/SAAS providers and their clients.

Having an Acceptable Use Policy is important in ensuring that systems and services aren’t being misused. It can also protect your business from legal actions.

What Is An Acceptable Use Policy?

Whilst this kind of policy isn’t a replacement for a set of well drafted Terms and Conditions, it would be ideal to use this in conjunction with those Terms and Conditions. 

It should outline, for example: 

  • What is and what is not permitted when using the service;
  • How data can be accessed and utilised;
  • The rights and responsibilities of both the software provider and the clients;
  • Security and privacy information.

With an Acceptable Use Policy, you can also restrict the kind of content published on the software/service, or restrict the use of the software to certain circumstances (such as commercial activities only). 

It may also include consequences for violating the policy. For example, this can be done by including clauses that state:

  • It isn’t to be used as part of an illegal activity; or
  • Users should not attempt to penetrate the security of IT networks; or
  • Send spam messages.

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