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Articles by Justine Wu

Justine Wu

Justine is a content writer at Sprintlaw. She has experience in civil law and human rights law with a double degree in law and media production. Justine has an interest in intellectual property and employment law.

Can Employees Be Forced To Take Annual Leave?

When it comes to employee entitlements, there can be some…

by Justine Wu • July 19, 2022

Criticising Your Boss On Social Media: What’s Legal?

You’ve probably seen it on Facebook: a friend letting it…

by Justine Wu • July 18, 2022

Legal Aspects Of Starting A Small Business

On the cusp of starting your own business? Don’t forget…

by Justine Wu • June 14, 2022

How Can I Make Verbal Promises Legally Binding?

A verbal promise can be made legally binding if it…

by Justine Wu • November 15, 2021

How Can A Forward Contract Protect My Business?

Do you work in an industry with volatile markets? Like…

by Justine Wu • March 18, 2021

What Is The Sprintlaw Company Secretary Service?

If you’ve registered a company, you’ll need to meet reporting…

by Justine Wu • March 18, 2021

Protect Your IP With A Defensive Trade Mark

If you own a well known trade mark that has…

by Justine Wu • March 16, 2021

How To Avoid CV Fraud

As a business it can be difficult to find the…

by Justine Wu • February 24, 2021

What Is A Publishing Agreement?

Whether you’re an author creating original works, or a publisher…

by Justine Wu • February 24, 2021

Sub-Contracting And Head Contracts: Here’s What You Need To Know

In many industries, it’s common practice to sub-contract some of…

by Justine Wu • February 18, 2021


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