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Articles by Justine Wu

Justine Wu

Justine is a content writer at Sprintlaw. She has experience in civil law and human rights law with a double degree in law and media production. Justine has an interest in intellectual property and employment law.

How Can A Forward Contract Protect My Business?

Do you work in an industry with volatile markets? Like…

by Justine Wu • March 18, 2021

What Is The Sprintlaw Company Secretary Service?

If you’ve registered a company, you’ll need to meet reporting…

by Justine Wu • March 18, 2021

Protect Your IP With A Defensive Trade Mark

If you own a well known trade mark that has…

by Justine Wu • March 16, 2021

How To Avoid CV Fraud

As a business it can be difficult to find the…

by Justine Wu • February 24, 2021

What Is A Publishing Agreement?

Whether you’re an author creating original works, or a publisher…

by Justine Wu • February 24, 2021

Sub-Contracting And Head Contracts: Here’s What You Need To Know

In many industries, it’s common practice to sub-contract some of…

by Justine Wu • February 18, 2021

What Can Be Patented?

A patent is a form of registrable intellectual property protection,…

by Justine Wu • February 16, 2021

Changing Company Ownership: All You Need To Know

You may wish to change company ownership because your business…

by Justine Wu • February 16, 2021

What Can Your Workplace Do About Family Violence? We Speak To The Institute Of Non-Violence

Recognising and responding to family violence in the workplace may…

by Justine Wu • November 24, 2020

What The NSW Budget Means For Small Business

Are you a resident of NSW and either running your…

by Justine Wu • November 19, 2020