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Articles by Kayleigh Yap

Kayleigh Yap

Content Writer

Kayleigh Yap is a writer and associate producer, working in ethical and sustainable fashion while volunteering at a community legal centre. She is a graduate in Arts and Laws from the University of New South Wales and is currently completing her Practical Legal Training.

Throughout her studies, Kayleigh found herself drawn towards the areas of human rights, Indigenous rights, sustainability, and intellectual property. In 2018, Kayleigh was awarded a scholarship to study the legal systems of the Pacific Island states in Vanuatu; a program delivered in conjunction with the University of the South Pacific.

With experience working with small businesses and not-for profits, Kayleigh has gained a strong interest in preventing the exploitation of people and planet, and is motivated to make seeking legal help easier and more accessible for those in our community.

In her spare time, Kayleigh also assists with the research and preparation of the podcast Shoes Off. She has previously written and photographed for the online editorial Backyard Opera.

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