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Articles by Mohammed Kotaich

Mohammed Kotaich

Content Writer

Mohammed Kotaich is currently completing his Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University. In 2019, Mohammed made the decision to begin his journey at university with only a degree in law, as he plans on practicing in the legal field.

Mohammed started his legal career in a private criminal law practice and gained a strong interest in criminal justice, human psychology and crime control. He found himself enjoying the challenge of defences and trying to understand the psychological battle within criminal cases.

In his second year at university, Mohammed experienced the effects of COVID-19 upon the legal system and the adoption of technology into the courts. COVID-19 established further challenges within criminal law as trials were placed on hold and client-lawyer relationships were restricted to phone calls and video conferences.

Observing these challenges meant that, in addition to his passion for criminal justice, Mohammed developed an interest in criminal procedure, and understood the difficulties that emerged as a result of mixing technology into the legal world. As a result, Mohammed is dedicated to making legals easier as a Content Writer for Sprintlaw, bridging the gap between technology and legal operations.

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