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Articles by Will Tinney

Will Tinney

Will is currently completing his Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne and is interested in helping to provide equitable and efficient access to legal resources.

Essential Legal Documents You Need To Start A Business

If you are looking at starting a new business, an…

by Will Tinney • July 7, 2022

Working In Healthcare? Get A Professional Services Agreement

If you are running a business in the healthcare industry,…

by Will Tinney • June 20, 2022

Employee Setting Up A Competing Business?

The success of someone’s business depends largely on their employees.…

by Will Tinney • May 16, 2022

What Is A Sole Proprietorship?

A business structure is the foundation that will either hold…

by Will Tinney • May 3, 2022

eCommerce Legislation: What You Need To Know

Using electronic communications in business is crucial for success, regardless…

by Will Tinney • March 24, 2022

How Can I Protect My Business Name?

Business names are a crucial part of many businesses, both…

by Will Tinney • February 14, 2022

What Is The Legal Age To Sign A Contract?

Contracts are used in all sorts of different business relationships.…

by Will Tinney • February 14, 2022

Construction Contracts: Do I Need An Exclusivity Clause?

An exclusivity clause is part of the larger legal contract…

by Will Tinney • February 8, 2022

I’m A Franchisor – What Should I Know About Marketing Funds?

A large part of the appeal of bigger franchises like…

by Will Tinney • February 8, 2022

What Can I Do With A ‘Bad’ Franchisee?

A franchisor-franchisee relationship is one of mutual dependence and reliance.…

by Will Tinney • January 11, 2022


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