Businesses that provide facility management services or strata management services will need to think carefully about how they can conduct their activities. This could be cleaning services, property management, maintenance of schools, hospitals or private buildings. 

If this sounds like your business, consider the following questions:

  • What is the scope of the services?
  • What are the relevant expenses?
  • Can I be reimbursed for certain expenses?
  • If I damage something, who is responsible for it?

These are all matters that need to be covered in detail in a Facility Management Agreement. In your relationship with your client, it’s important that both of you understand what your obligations are under the arrangement. 

It relieves a lot of stress if any issues arise later, because you can simply refer to the agreement and remind yourself about what you agreed to do. 

So, if your business is providing facility management services, it’s worth getting in touch with a lawyer to draft this agreement and ensure you’re legally protected. 

What Does A Facility Management Agreement Include?

A Facility Management Agreement will cover the key terms of your relationship with your client, so it will look different for each business. However, the main points that should be included are the following:

  • Scope of services – what are the details of the services being offered? What is the expected standard of these services?
  • Fees – how will payment be made? Will it be an annual or monthly fee?
  • Reimbursement – if I spend money on certain things (such as equipment), can I be reimbursed for these expenses?
  • Personnel – do key personnel need certain qualifications? Will they be reimbursed for the relevant fees (e.g. registration fees)
  • Dispute resolution – how will issues be settled? Is mediation required?
  • Liability – if something goes wrong, who is responsible for losses or damage? 
  • Inspection – does the client have a right to inspect the property? On what terms or conditions?

These are just some of the key terms that might be included in your Agreement. Every business has different needs depending on the nature of their services or the interests of the owner, so you want to speak to a lawyer to ensure you’re covered. 

Where Can I Get A Facility Management Agreement?

At Sprintlaw, we offer a Facility Management Agreement package which covers your legals. It includes drafting a Facility Management Agreement tailored to your business, phone consultations with one of our expert lawyers who can advise you on the relevant legal issues and a complimentary amendment to the final draft of the Agreement. 

If you need an Agreement drafted, feel free to contact our team and get started. You can reach us at 1800 730 617 or for a free, no-obligations chat.

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