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Articles by Rowan Gardoce

Rowan Gardoce

Content Coordinator

Rowan is the Content Coordinator a Sprintlaw. She is currently in her third year of Law and Psychology at Macquarie University, and is passionate about helping businesses by breaking communication and accessibility barriers through NewLaw.

In her first year at university, Rowan jumped into the legal space by working as a paralegal on a cyber security project. However, she wanted to combine her passion for content creation with the demand for legal knowledge. So, she started writing for The Brief, a law school publication at Macquarie University. She produced a number of articles discussing a range of topics, from the role of Afterpay in fintech to protecting junior lawyers from wage theft.

Rowan realised that she enjoyed copywriting and wanted to see how this would work in various fields. Marketing was an industry where she could combine her study of psychology with her copywriting experience, so she interned with a fintech startup in the insurance space. She produced copy and visual content to enhance their online presence and inform customers of their options when faced with insurance issues.

At this point, Rowan found that the root of many problems was the lack of access to important information. Without the right knowledge, customers were subject to exploitation and complex rules. Eventually, Rowan found an interest in making advice accessible through various creative mediums and helping businesses be proactive.

Rowan then moved to a creative agency which helped small businesses build and enhance their brand. In between producing copy and drafting blueprints, she realised that the key to helping businesses is to make things as simple, cost-efficient and accessible as possible, so they can make informed decisions with minimal losses.

So, she decided she wanted to be part of an industry that makes legals simple, as they should be. Now, Rowan coordinates content for Sprintlaw and is helping more small businesses each day.

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