A Statement of Work (SOW) is a document that sets out the scope of services to be provided by a service provider. 

As a SOW is usually attached to the rest of your Service Agreement or contract, it is important to ensure your SOW legally conforms to the rest of your contract (even if it seems like a fairly easy document!). 

In a SOW Review, a lawyer can ensure your SOW is drafted correctly, works together with your contract in a logical manner, and is sufficiently specific to minimise your legal risk and avoid misunderstanding. 

What’s Included In A Statement of Work Review? 

A SOW normally includes provisions addressing fees, deposits, details of the work to be performed, details of the customer and service provider, and more. 

When reviewing your SOW, a Sprintlaw lawyer will highlight the key issues and risks that you may encounter when using the SOW in conjunction with your customer contract. 

Need Help?

A detailed SOW will ensure your contract flows logically, and will protect your commercial relationships with customers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get your SOW reviewed to make sure it’ll work optimally for your business. 

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