If you’re running a photography business — whether that be in portraiture, art, fashion shoots, weddings or other commercial photography — it is a good idea to make sure you have your legal contracts in place.

There are two main documents you need: a set of Business Terms and Conditions and a Model Release Form. We offer these two documents together in our Photographer Terms And Conditions package.

Why Do I Need Terms And Conditions As A Photographer? 

Photographer Terms and Conditions are important to make sure you are paid on time and for the right services. 

They also limit your liability. For example, if your equipment breaks on the day of a photo shoot or you are unwell, your Photographer Terms and Conditions can help cover you. 

Photographer Terms and Conditions also ensure you and the client are aware of who owns the photograph, and what rights you both have to use the photograph.

Ultimately, this document is really helpful in preventing future disputes by ensuring everyone’s on the same page to begin with. 

What Is Included In Photographer Terms And Conditions?

Typically, Photographer Terms and Conditions will include: 

  • A clear outline of the services you’re providing (which can be tailored for each new job with a cover sheet)
  • Payment terms (including additional service fees for changes to the job)
  • Liability protections if things go wrong on shoots
  • Safety terms
  • Confidentiality terms
  • Your cancellation and refund policy
  • Licencing terms for use of your photography
  • Protections for your intellectual property and copyright
  • Other important clauses tailored to your business

Need Help?

We’re experts in the creative space, having acted for many creative businesses including photography businesses. In fact, one of our senior lawyers is also a commercial photographer!

We know that each photography business has different needs, so our Photography Terms and Conditions package includes a consult with a lawyer to understand your unique requirements before we even start drafting. For a one-off flat fee payment, we can draft you Photography Terms and Conditions that you can reuse over and over again.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team for an obligation-free chat!

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