If you’re in the car rental business, you’re dealing with a lot of valuable assets that you hire out to customers day-to-day.

In this case, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re protected if anything goes wrong. As such, it’s best practice to have a contract between you and whoever hires your vehicles.

A Car Rental Agreement sets out the legal obligations of both parties when a car rental business hires out a vehicle. 

Why Do I Need A Car Rental Agreement?

A Car Rental Agreement can potentially limit your liability in the event of an accident. 

When renting out a car, there are also multiple cost variables your business will have to take into account. As cars can be worth thousands of dollars, it’s important both parties are clear on who is responsible for any damage to such a valuable asset. 

And, at the end of the day, it’s always a good idea to make sure that both you and your customer are on the same page.

We can draft a simple, clear contract that you can reuse for all of your customers, addressing the unique needs of your car rental business. 

What’s Included In A Car Rental Agreement? 

Generally, a Car Rental Agreement will include:

  • A description of the car being hired
  • The length of time of the hire
  • Consequences of damage to or loss of the car
  • Accident and third party insurance
  • Excess, payment details and terms
  • Other vital protections to limit your liability

We’ll also include specific terms for your car rental business, such as:

  • Toll prices 
  • Cleaning fees 
  • Petrol fees 
  • Deposit
  • Late charges
  • Fees in the event a customer incurs a fine while using the rental car

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