Have you had an event or function cancellation? 

The nature of events is surrounded by uncertainty, which has been exacerbated through the global pandemic. 

Planning events and parties can be an extremely stressful profession – particularly when you’re dealing with many vendors and clients. 

In the world of event planning, there is much uncertainty, but something that can give you clarity is an Event Planning Agreement

Event Planning Agreement

An Event Planning Agreement is one that solidifies the dealing between you and your client. 

They are particularly important because as part of event planning, most likely you are looking at multiple vendors and contractors – from catering, DJs, or decorations, depending on the nature of the event. 

Event Planning Agreements also clarify the scope of services in detail to ensure the client is aware of the services you’ll be providing. 

When Do I Need One? 

It’s always a good idea to get your clients to sign your Event Planning Agreement when they engage your services. 

This is especially important due to the unforeseen circumstances that can impact your event (and whether it’s carried out or not).

What’s In It?

Every Event Planning Agreement will be different, as different event planners will provide different services. 

They will typically include: 

  • Scope of services: It is extremely important to make sure that your client is aware of the scope of your services and the deliverable. By having your scope of work set out in your contract, your deals will be solidified. 
  • Payment terms: these terms will stipulate when and what point your client will pay for your services. In some cases you may want to take a deposit, or have payment in installments, for example. 
  • Terms of event cancelation: these terms will go hand in hand with the payment schedule and detail what happens when clients cancel. Are they responsible for the event costs you’ve already incurred with other vendors? 
  • Termination: these days we are very well aware of the fact that unforeseen events can pop out of nowhere. This clause will outline scenarios and courses of action where neither party is at fault. 

Get In Touch 

Having a completely customised Event Planning Agreement is important for your business. 

If you work with clients which could range from weddings to corporate functions, this agreement will include the necessary protections and provisions setting out the practical aspects of your deal. 

If you need help, or want specific legal advice on your event planning legals, feel free to reach out at team@sprintlaw.com.au or give us a call at 1800 730 617!

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