A Managed Services Agreement is a contract between a technology service provider and a client. 

For example, an online fashion business could hire an offsite IT company through a subscription service to take care of its IT needs — such as protecting the business’ data, hosting services, and providing general IT support for a fixed time period.

This is what you call a ‘Managed Service’: where someone takes care of one part of your business through a suite of different services. To make sure this is done right, you’ll need a Managed Services Agreement.

Why Do I Need A Managed Services Agreement?

For businesses with an online presence, having an impressive, functional website or app and protecting your customers’ confidential information is vital. 

So, whether you’re in the position of approaching service providers or if you’re a service provider yourself, it’s a good idea to make sure both parties are on the same page when entering into a Managed Service relationship. A Managed Services Agreement is the best way to ensure that this relationship is smooth from the start.

What’s Included In A Managed Services Agreement?

We’ll draft a Managed Services Agreement that’s tailored to the unique needs of your business. Some of the clauses will address:

  • Service levels (setting out the agreed response times for issues by the Managed IT Service Provider and more)
  • IT-specific clauses (e.g. hosting, acceptance testing, bug fixes)
  • Payment and late payment
  • Scope of services
  • Liability protections
  • Intellectual property ownership
  • Confidentiality
  • Term and termination

Why Choose Sprintlaw?

As a software-powered law firm with an internal development team, we understand the role and importance of Managed Service Agreements. 

We also have extensive hands-on experience in this area: one of our co-founders used to run an app development agency and our lawyers are very familiar with drafting Managed Services Agreements.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information! We can be contacted for a free, no-obligations chat on 1800 730 617 or at team@sprintlaw.com.au.

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