If you’re in the photography business, you might have heard others tell you that you need a Model Release Form.

Generally, whenever you take a photo of someone, you’re required to have them sign a Model Release Form.

This is a legal document between you and the person whose photo is being taken, which effectively gives you the rights to use these photos for your business’ commercial and promotional functions.

With any photography business, you’ll need a Model Release Form (as well as your general Photography Terms and Conditions). 

Why Do I Need A Model Release Form? Why Is It Important?

Using a wide range of professional photos you have previously taken on your website or elsewhere to advertise your business is a fantastic way to showcase your work and to attract potential customers. 

But, to do this right, you need to make sure you have the permission of the people in those photos. This is where a Model Release Form comes in.

By using a Model Release Form for each shoot, you’re saving valuable time by not having to chase up clients in the future to ask their permission to use their likeness for your promotional material. 

Using a Model Release Form also clearly sets out the terms of how you can use these images, and gives you and the model greater clarity on how these images may be used.

What Is Included In A Model Release Form?

A Model Release Form is a fairly simple document, but it’s important to make sure you get it right!

Clauses around intellectual property ownership, release of liability and waivers are typically included in a Model Release Form.

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