A Supply & Install Agreement is for businesses that offer both a product and an installation service for the product. 

The Supply & Install Agreement is a contract between this business and its customers  (whether they be residential or commercial customers). 

Types of businesses that use Supply & Install Agreements include businesses that sell and install blinds and shutters, cabinet makers, air conditioning providers, fence suppliers and more.

Why Do I Need A Supply & Install Agreement?

Let’s say you are selling furniture for residential and commercial clients — from home office furniture to coffee tables and sofas.

In some circumstances, you might offer an ‘installation’ or ‘set up’ service with a piece of furniture that is delivered to someone’s home.

Therefore, you’d need a contract to answer these important questions: 

  • What is the expected delivery date for the furniture? 
  • Who will install the furniture? 
  • What happens if it is installed incorrectly? 
  • Who is responsible if a customer is injured after the furniture is installed?

A Supply & Install Agreement is important to clarify the agreement from the very beginning. It prevents disputes by clearly outlining a description of the products being supplied, and the extent of the installation services you will offer. It can also help ensure you are paid on time by including payment terms. 

A Supply & Install Agreement can also limit your liability, especially as you will be installing goods on another person’s property, and there is potential for accidental damage when installing goods. 

What Is Included In A Supply & Install Agreement?

Generally, a Supply & Install Agreement will clarify important questions like:

  • What is the product you are providing?
  • What are you installing?
  • How much is the supply and installation service?
  • How do the orders work?
  • What happens if there are any defects or faults in the product?
  • How does payment work?
  • What happens if a customer decides to cancel an order?

A good lawyer will also work with you to understand how your business operates; putting together a customised contract that addresses the way you work and your specific needs.

Need Help?

Our legal team have drafted Supply & Install Agreements for a diverse range of businesses. 

At Sprintlaw, we place great importance on listening to the unique requirements of your business, and tailoring a Supply & Install Agreement to your particular needs. We also create a customisable Order Form to this Agreement, so you can reuse it with each new customer.  

You can contact our friendly team here for a free, no-obligations chat to find out if this is the right contract for you.

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