If you run a cleaning business, we’d recommend putting in place a strong Cleaner Service Agreement. This will manage your clients’ expectations as to what services you provide and how these services are provided. It’ll also outline what happens in the event of a dispute.

So, what exactly is a Cleaner Service Agreement and why do you need one? 

What Is A Cleaner Service Agreement?

As a cleaning business, a Cleaner Service Agreement will be the main contract you provide to customers whenever they need your services. It is a legally binding agreement between you and your customers. 

Generally, it will provide a clear outline of what services you are offering, how payments are managed, what happens in the event of a dispute, and other important protections and limitations.

Regardless of whether you offer residential cleaning services, commercial cleaning services or more specialised cleaning services, it’s always a good idea to have a Cleaner Service Agreement in place.

Why Do I Need A Cleaner Service Agreement?

A key reason to consider having a well-drafted Cleaner Service Agreement is that it protects your business in the event of a dispute. 

However, here are several other important reasons you should have a Cleaner Service Agreement in place: 

  • It manages client expectations. A Cleaner Service Agreement clearly sets out what you will do for the client, and how much each part of the service will cost. It will include provisions regarding expected timeframes, additional costs for certain services (e.g. using certain products), and what happens if you damage a client’s goods.
  • It covers your bases. What happens if a job is cancelled and it puts your business out of pocket? What happens if something goes wrong while you’re completing a job? What is the complaint process if a client is unhappy with your service? A Cleaner Service Agreement will cover scenarios that could arise in your business’ future, and will outline solutions for what to do in these situations.
  • It limits your liability. As a cleaner, you may often access people’s property and use products that can cause damage if incorrectly applied. A Cleaner Service Agreement will include disclaimers and waivers — ensuring that, if a dispute arises, you’ll have something to rely on to protect you and save you from losing time and money.

What Is Included In A Cleaner Service Agreement?

The details of each Cleaner Service Agreement will be customised for each cleaning business depending on their individual circumstances and what services they offer. 

However, the agreement would generally include clauses that address the following:

  • Payment and late payment. Will you send an invoice? When do you expect payment?
  • Damage to goods during cleaning services. What happens if something is damaged during your cleaning service? Who will be responsible?
  • Scope of services. Are both parties clear on what exactly is included in the job? What happens if there is a misunderstanding?
  • Liability protections. As a cleaning business, you might be exposed to a lot of risks. How do you protect yourself?
  • Term and termination. How long will this contract last? Is this an ongoing client? Or is it a one-off job? What happens if one party wants to end the agreement?

Obviously, these are all important things to consider when establishing relationships with your clients, and having a Cleaner Service Agreement will ensure you’re both on the same page from the start. 

Need Help?

Having a good lawyer draft your Cleaner Service Agreement will ensure that you are protected if a dispute arises. It will also make sure your clients are clear on exactly what they’re getting when they engage your business. 

At Sprintlaw, we focus on drafting comprehensive, easy-to-understand and user-friendly agreements for businesses.

Feel free to get in touch with us to get things started on your Cleaner Service Agreement! Our friendly team can be reached at 1800 730 617 or at team@sprintlaw.com.au.

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