A Shipping Policy is a great document to have for any online eCommerce store. It can help cover your bases with regards to the shipping and delivery of your products to ensure that your customers are informed about your shipping policies.

Why Do I Need A Shipping Policy?

A Shipping Policy will include clauses covering shipping information including the shipping method, fees, time frames, and any additional information. Our lawyers will also ensure that the document is customised to your business and your needs. Having a comprehensive shipping policy is a good business practice if you’re shipping odd products, or delivering items yourself.

For example, if your business is personally delivering products to your customers, it may be a good idea to include clauses which make sure that your customers are responsible for providing a safe area for delivery, such as providing information of any pets on the premises. It may also be prudent to add clauses to state that your business will not be liable for any damage after delivery.

What’s Included?

Our Shipping Policy will have clauses including:

  • Shipping method
  • Delivery timeframes
  • Shipping fees

This is a great policy to have in place for your online eCommerce store so that your customers will know exactly how you will ship your products to them. 

However, as our Shipping Policy does not include payment or refund policies, it may be a good idea to get a full set of eCommerce T&C’s drafted for your online store to cover all your bases. 

They will include further clauses including refund and payment policies, terms of sale, liability limitations, and dispute resolution.

Need Help?

If you’re ready to get your Shipping Policy or eCommerce T&C’s drafted for your online business, Sprintlaw has friendly and experienced lawyers that can help you through the legal processes involved!

If you would like a consultation on your options going forward, you can reach us at 1800 730 617 or team@sprintlaw.com.au for a free, no-obligations chat.

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