The Australian Consumer Law is the main body of law that affects how a business operates in Australia.

You might be asking yourself: do I need to be speaking with a lawyer when it comes to how the Australian Consumer Law applies to my business?

During the course of an Australian Consumer Law Consultation, a Sprintlaw lawyer can give you verbal advice on whether a contract you are using with customers complies with Australian Consumer Law. 

A lawyer can advise you on how the Australian Consumer Law applies to your business, including advising on misleading and deceptive conduct laws, false advertising, and refund requirements. 

Having a consult with a lawyer can make you aware of potential consumer issues that you might not have been aware of. For example, if you are in breach of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in your dealings with customers, your business may be liable to pay fines. Understanding how your business can avoid breaching such rules is important to both protect your business and to provide a fair, positive customer experience. 

What Do I Get As Part Of The Consumer Law Consult?

During the consult, an experienced Sprintlaw lawyer will be able to answer your Australian Consumer Law questions, and give you guidance on how it applies to your business or contract. It’s all done over the phone, so we can help you at any time, wherever you are in Australia!

To learn more, reach out to our friendly team at or 1800 730 617 for a free, no obligations chat.

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