A Copyright Licence Agreement is a contract between someone who has created content (such as film, music, images, writing) and the person using the copyrighted content, often for a profit. 

Put simply, copyright licensing involves allowing others to use your work in return for a fee.

If you have created something that can be copyrighted, and you want to allow others to use it rather than own it, you will need a Copyright Licence Agreement. 

Why Do I Need A Copyright Licence Agreement?

If you are the copyright owner, a Copyright Licence Agreement is key to giving you control over how your content is used, for how long, over what territory, and who else is allowed to use it. 

A Copyright Licence Agreement will also cover key terms such as payment and how you want to be paid (whether through royalties, over a time period, or however else). 

If you are a business owner who wants to use the copyrighted material, a Copyright Licence Agreement can protect you from copyright infringement. 

What Is Included?

In a Copyright Licence Agreement, there will often be terms around how the copyright will be used. 

This includes:

  • Territory: geographically, where can your Copyright Licence Agreement be used (e.g within the state, within Australia or world wide)?
  • Exclusivity: who can use the copyrighted material? 
  • Term: the length of time your agreement is in force
  • Revocability: can the Copyright Licence Agreement be revoked?
  • Transferability and Sub-Licences: can they ‘transfer’ the licence to others and sub-licence it to other parties?
  • Payment and royalties: what is the licence fee they’ll need to pay for using your copyright material?
  • Termination: how can both parties end the contract?

Why Choose Sprintlaw?

Whether you are a business wishing to license copyrighted content, or a copyright owner wondering how to licence out their content, we can draft a Copyright Licence Agreement for your unique situation. 

Here at Sprintlaw, we specialise in intellectual property law and have great expertise working in the creative industry. You can contact our friendly team to find out more!

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