If you’re interested in purchasing shares and units in a company, it’s vital that you receive legal advice from an experienced lawyer so you understand the sale and follow correct legal procedure. 

What Is Involved In A Share And Unit Sale?

There are many legal considerations you’ll need to make when engaging in a share and unit sale. Our Share and Unit Sale package is quite comprehensive and includes the following:

  • Reviewing changes made to the Share and Unit Sale Agreement by the purchaser’s lawyer and making changes to the document before it is signed
  • Advising you in your next steps after signing the Agreement
  • Performing a PPSR search, advising you of which interests to arrange, and helping you effect this
  • Preparing various share and unit documents required under the Share and Unit Sale Agreement
  • Preparing any resolutions and minutes of meetings that are requirements of the Agreement
  • Advising you on what you need to furnish to the purchaser at completion
  • Submitting an application to assign leases
  • Assistance with applying for assignment of a maximum of 2 additional contracts (if needed)
  • Schedule completion
  • Preparing a completion statement and liaising with you or your accountant
  • Advising you on any post-settlement steps you need to complete

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