It was only a matter of time before legal services went online.

In every industry, technology is constantly redefining the traditional way of doing things – and the law is no different.

With more and more online legal services available, you may be considering whether it’s a good idea to get an online lawyer for your business legal needs.

It seems cheaper, faster and more convenient – but are there any risks?

Online legal services are a big change from the traditional law model, so you may be questioning whether they are as effective and trustworthy.

Let’s take a look at 4 things to consider when deciding whether to use an online lawyer.

1. Trust And Empathy

For many businesses, having a trusting relationship with their lawyer is essential. But is it possible to build this necessary level of trust and understanding when you can’t look your lawyer in the face?

There’s something about face to face interactions that give you that extra layer of human empathy.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that online interactions will compromise the integrity of the lawyer-client relationship.

If you think about it, we’re all used to communicating with a range of people and service providers online. The main thing to remember is that the person at the other end is just that – another person.

The benefit of engaging an online lawyer is that, although you may not see them in real life, you have a much greater opportunity to contact and communicate with them.

Gone are the days of having to schedule face to face appointments, travelling to your appointment, and working around busy schedules in order to organise times to discuss your needs.

With the ease of online communication, you can get in touch with your lawyer any time, from any place of convenience.

With this greater level of communication, you can have confidence that your lawyer understands your needs and concerns. You can actually collaborate with them, and come away with a solution that you know meets your requirements.

2. Transparency And Accessibility

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed legal services, but you didn’t know who to ask, what you needed, and what the process involved?

It shouldn’t be that confusing to get professional services.

Many online legal services are designed to be more accessible and transparent, so you can see your services being provided in a quick and easy manner.

Today you don’t need to go into an office and pay for an initial consultation – you can browse services online and get a quote at the click of a button.

Online lawyers and law firms can assist you to navigate the complexities of the law and help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Having more legal information online has made the process of finding legal help, deciding what services you need and being aware of the costs and time involved much easier.

3. Price certainty

Another common conception with seeing a traditional lawyer is that you don’t know how much it’s going to cost you.

Most online legal services provide a fixed fee service so you can understand exactly what services you need and what the price is from the start.

You no longer have to worry about being billed for calling your lawyer on the phone. Everything is covered in an upfront, packaged price.

This means that you won’t be hit with any hidden costs, as you’ll be provided with certainty and clarity about the price – something that many traditional law models don’t offer.

4. Efficiency

The impact of tech on online legal services means lawyers are more productive and have more time to provide efficient solutions to your questions.  

The traditional law model sees a lot of time spent on manual processes. With the efficiency of technology, online legal services maximise time spent on solving your problem. This often means that your business needs are completed to a higher standard, at a fraction of the time.

The time savings mean cheaper and faster services – and the focus will remain on your legal needs throughout the whole process.

When Online Doesn’t Work…

Even though the online legal space has many advantages, there are some situations where it may not work for you.

Sometimes, there are legal matters that will require a lot of manual paper handing.

For example, if you require assistance with things like conveyancing or the sale of your business, the online lawyer option may not be the right fit.

Also, if you’re the kind of person who prefers “premium concierge service” and would rather get your lawyer to do all the admin, it is unlikely that you will get this kind of service in the online space.

An online lawyer will minimise manual processes, to get cost savings and efficiency for you. The advantage of an online lawyers is that they can specifically address your business legal needs, and you only have to pay for that specific requirement.

It’s a bit like when Airbnb first came out – people didn’t expect the same level of amenities as a hotel. And you’d be fine with this because it was a bit cheaper and you didn’t have to pay for things you don’t really value.

Same with online lawyers – if you’re the kind of person that understands these limitations, you’ll be able to maximise the value you get for what you pay, and only pay for the things that matter to you.

By doing your research and being aware of what your business needs, the services offered by an online lawyer may be exactly what you need.

What To Take Away…

When you’re looking for a lawyer for your business, it may seem daunting to look for an online solution.

But if you find an online lawyer that is responsive, accessible and transparent about pricing, you can trust that they will offer you an efficient and cost-effective solution to your legal needs.

About Sprintlaw

Sprintlaw is a new type of law firm that operates completely online and on a fixed-fee basis. We’re on a mission to make quality legal services faster, simpler and more affordable for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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