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Employee or Contractor Advice


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Employee or Contractor Advice
Phone Consultations


Hiring contractors for your business can be a great way to create a flexible workforce that suits the skills and expertise you need. However, if you treat your contractors in certain ways they could be classified as employees – which means you could be liable to pay them employee benefits like superannuation. It’s important to get this distinction right and avoid being liable in the future.


We can provide you with legal advice about whether your staff would be considered employees or contractors, and the legal implications of this distinction in terms of FairWork.

This package includes:

  • Written advice addressing the relevant legal issues.
  • Phone consultations (up to 60 minutes) with a Sprintlaw lawyer who will advise you on the legal issues you need to know and answer your questions about the written advice.

Please note: This package does not include advice about Workers Compensation or any tax advice.

The issue of whether a person is an employee or contractor is not black and white and depends on numerous factors. We will provide you with our legal opinion based on the factors that the courts currently consider, however the laws in this area are continuing to develop. We cannot guarantee that any worker you hire as a contractor will not be considered an employee.