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Business Sale Package


$8800 + GST

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If you are selling a business, it is important that you ensure that everything is in order before you complete settlement. It can be a complex process, and it’s a good idea to seek legal advice to ensure you get a good deal.


We will assist you in the sale of your business assets.

This package includes:

Pre-signing of Contract

  • Initial discussion with you to obtain your instructions;
  • Preparation of Business Sale Agreement, including one round of negotiations;
  • Undertake the following searches:
  1. Company search;
  2. GST registration;
  3. Business name search;
  4. Trade marks search;
  5. PPSR search (to ensure that there are no security interests over the assets).

Post-signing/ Pre-settlement

  • Letter to you advising of any steps you need to attend to;
  • Letter to the Purchaser’s solicitor advising them of the steps they need to attend to;
  • Undertake a PPSR search to confirm whether there are any security interests which are required to be released, and advising you of which interests to arrange to release and working with you to effect this;
  • Prepare or review the Deed of Transfer of Lease including one round of negotiations;
  • Schedule Settlement;
  • Prepare Settlement Statement (including liaising with you in respect of adjustments for stock and employee entitlements);
  • Obtain ASIC business name transfer key.

Post settlement

  • Provide you with advice as to any Post Settlement steps you should attend to.

Please note that this is a limited scope package and it does not include us conducting any due diligence on the business, physically attending signing/settlement, dealing with the transfer of any motor vehicle, negotiations other than as set out above, or tax advice (including GST and stamp duty implications of the transaction).

This scope also assumes that the transaction does not involve any employment or other regulatory compliance issues.