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International Trade Mark Consultation


$350 + GST

International Trade Mark Consultation
Process Overview


If you want to protect your business name, brand names, logo or catchphrases from being used in other countries, you should register an international trade mark. Registration gives you an exclusive right to use the trade mark, allowing you to stop others from using it. Registering a trade mark in a foreign country is a complex and technical process that can vary from country to country and can range in cost from $ 2000 – 8000 + GST. It’s a good idea to have an initial consultation with an expert trade mark lawyer to confirm where you’d like to register your trade mark and what the associated costs will be.


A Sprintlaw lawyer will have an initial phone consultation with you to explain the international trade mark application process, verify that you have the required information to put together an application and provide you with a quote for your international application.

This package includes:

  • Phone consultation with a Sprintlaw lawyer (max 60 minutes)
  • Quotation for your international trade mark application

Please note that this package does not include any specific advice about your prospects of success.

This package does not include reviewing of any documents. If you send us some short materials prior to the consultation we will endeavour to have a quick look over them, but we will not be able to consider them in depth.