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Articles by Amelia Abbott

Amelia Abbott

Senior Lawyer

Amelia is a commercial lawyer with a background in major projects, IP and IT outsourcing. Before joining the Sprintlaw team, Amelia worked at two national law firms and completed her studies in Law and Psychology at the Australian National University.

How Do I Move My Business Online And What Legals Do I Need?

As a result of important measures introduced to reduce the…

by Amelia Abbott • April 2, 2020

Managing An Airbnb Property? Here’s How To Keep Yourself Protected

If you’re looking at getting into the property management business,…

by Amelia Abbott • March 17, 2020

Want To Protect Your Ideas Or Copyright? Here’s How An NDA Or Copyright Disclaimer Can Help.

If you’ve created an original work – like a website,…

by Amelia Abbott • February 4, 2020

What Is A Software Development Agreement?

Have an online business or online presence? If you are…

by Amelia Abbott • January 28, 2020

Why Does My Business Need Terms Of Sale?

As a new business, one of your top priorities will…

by Amelia Abbott • January 28, 2020

Need a Contract Reviewed? 3 Reasons Why You Should Speak With A Lawyer.

When you’re running a business, you exchange contracts all the…

by Amelia Abbott • January 14, 2020

Disclaimers: How They Can Protect Your Business

When you first think about legal help you’ll need for…

by Amelia Abbott • December 3, 2019

Rent-A-Chair Agreements In The Hair Salon Industry

If you’re working in the hair salon industry, you’ve probably…

by Amelia Abbott • November 27, 2019

How To Sign A Contract Using E-Signatures

You’ve got yourself a well drafted contract, and you’ve considered how…

by Amelia Abbott • October 28, 2019

What Type Of Contract Do I Need If I’m Working With A Developer?

Whether you’re creating a new App, website or software, most…

by Amelia Abbott • August 30, 2019


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