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Articles by Bella Duncan

Bella Duncan

Content Writer

Bella Duncan is a Content Writer at Sprintlaw and is extremely passionate about making the law understandable and effective.

Bella is currently completing a B. Law (Honours) and B. Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie University. While completing her degree, Bella has had legal experience in both large and boutique law firms. Bella has particular experience in privacy, business and construction law. With an interest in public policy and governance, Bella has also gained experience in the public sector. Currently completing her law honours thesis at university, Bella is very passionate about law reform, particularly in regard to domestic abuse.

With Psychology as Bella’s other degree, she has extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities, particularly children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Bella has always thoroughly enjoyed working with people with disabilities and, as such, understands that that the law and legal concepts must be communicated simply and effectively. Bella is also passionate about the role the law plays within the family unit and has started a blog called A Kid With Two Homes that aims to create an informative and relatable platform focusing on divorce, separation and family conflict.

As a result of Bella’s experience through her studies and work she has come to realise the necessity of making the law understandable and effective. Bella’s writing is often motivated by her passion to assist small businesses in achieving success by getting their legals right. Expecting to graduate in 2022, Bella is very keen to continue working in the legal sector with an ultimate objective to make the law understandable and effective.

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