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Articles by Rachel Hay

Rachel Hay

Content Writer

Rachel Hay is a Content Writer at Sprintlaw. She is currently completing her double degree in Science and Law at Macquarie University.

Through her degree, Rachel has developed a keen interest in environmental justice, animal law and health law. She has conducted legal research in pharmaceuticals concerning intellectual property frameworks and their impact upon public access to healthcare and medicines. Rachel is presently working towards her honours thesis in law on the topic of human rights, particularly women’s reproductive rights in bioethics.

Rachel has previously worked in private law practice and the public sector. While working with a commercial law firm, she gained experience in intellectual property law and corporate law and became interested in how the digital age has impacted the development of the law and continues to affect businesses in new ways. Rachel has also volunteered with a community legal centre and a child’s rights advocacy organisation in the Philippines, both of which shaped her passion for social justice and for ensuring the accessibility of legal services for all.

Rachel hopes to combine her interest in legal tech and her love for writing to bring useful content to small businesses facing legal matters.

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