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Articles by Sapna Goundan

Sapna Goundan

Content Writer

Sapna has completed a Bachelor of Arts/Laws. Since graduating, she’s worked primarily in the field of legal research and writing, and she now writes for Sprintlaw.

I’m Starting A Partnership: What Documents Do I Need?

If you’re thinking of starting a partnership, there are a…

by Sapna Goundan • June 14, 2022

Doing Business Overseas? Here’s What You Need To Know

Whether you want to expand your Australian business overseas or…

by Sapna Goundan • June 14, 2022

The Australian Federal Court Rules On AI Technology And Patents

Recently, the Australian Federal Court overturned a previous decision from…

by Sapna Goundan • June 14, 2022

What Is Limitation Of Liability?

When it comes to any business transaction, there is always…

by Sapna Goundan • June 10, 2022

Setting Up A Canadian Company In Australia

Setting up a Canadian company in Australia can be a…

by Sapna Goundan • June 10, 2022

Japanese Business In Australia: Where Do I Start?

If you’re a Japanese business hoping to expand to Australia,…

by Sapna Goundan • June 10, 2022

Doing Business In Australia From New Zealand

There are a number of legal considerations when you are…

by Sapna Goundan • June 3, 2022

How To Get A Trade Promotion Permit In NSW

It’s common for businesses to engage in trade promotion, which…

by Sapna Goundan • May 27, 2022

Working In Construction? Get A Professional Services Agreement

If you are working in the construction field, then a…

by Sapna Goundan • May 24, 2022

Fair Work Grants 10 Days’ Paid Domestic Violence Leave In New Decision

Warning: this article discusses family and domestic violence The Fair…

by Sapna Goundan • May 23, 2022