When it comes to the provision of services, it’s crucial that you have the right Online Service Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) that your customers can agree to before they engage with your business. 

This helps clear up the roles and obligations that each party has, and limits liability if things go wrong. 

Why Do I Need Online Service T&Cs?

If you sell your products and services online, it’s important that you have T&Cs that cover all relevant matters. They are essential because they cover matters that might go wrong during a transaction, and make it clear to the customer what they are responsible for. 

Terms and conditions should cover things like:

  • Rules for using your online platform (this could be your website)
  • How payment will work
  • What is included in your services
  • Rules around IP protection
  • Limiting liability 

It’s worth noting that this list is not exhaustive and it’s good business practice to speak to a lawyer who can help you draft T&Cs that are specific and appropriate for your business and the nature of your services. 

Service Agreement or Online Service T&Cs – Which One Should I Use?

You might be wondering, ‘If I’m an online business, should I have a Service Agreement or Online Service Terms and Conditions?’

The simple answer here is – they’re basically the same thing! 

Both agreements set out the key terms for the business relationship between buyer and seller. However, since we’re talking about online businesses, you’d be better off with Online Service T&Cs since these are more accessible. 

You can have them displayed on your website so customers can easily read and agree to them while visiting your online store. 

What’s Included?

Our package includes quality legal help from Sprintlaw’s lawyers who are ready to answer your questions and help you make the process as stress-free as possible. 

Along with Terms and Conditions that are tailored to your online business, you will get phone consultations with an expert lawyer and a complimentary amendment to the final draft we provide for you. 

Need Help?

It’s not a good idea to simply copy T&Cs from another website (you might actually be infringing copyright laws!). 

Instead, you want to speak to a lawyer who understands your business’ needs and can tailor Online Service Terms and Conditions accordingly. This way, you can rest assured that your business is well protected from liability and your customers don’t have to deal with any legal complications during the process. 

You can reach out to us for a free, no-obligations chat at team@sprintlaw.com.au or 1800 730 617.

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