If you’re running a recruitment business, the key legal document you’ll need is a set of Recruitment Terms and Conditions

Recruitment Terms and Conditions consist of both a Recruitment Agreement between you and the employer, and a Candidate Agreement between you and the employee

A Recruitment Agreement is a comprehensive contract containing terms on payment and structure, calculation of commission, anti-circumvention, liability limiting provisions, dispute resolution, and replacement of candidates. 

A Candidate Agreement allows you to share the candidate’s details with potential employers, and sets out your obligations to candidates. 

To ensure you are paid correctly and candidates and employers don’t circumvent your services, Recruitment Terms and Conditions will keep your business watertight and your legals flawless. 

What’s Included In A Recruitment Terms And Conditions Package? 

We’ll include the following clauses in your Recruitment Terms and Conditions:

  • How introductions work
  • Disclaimers/protections for recruiter
  • Background checks (if they are included)
  • Commission percentages
  • Replacement guarantees if the candidate isn’t a good fit
  • Exclusivity (if applicable)

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