A Registered Design Application is a form of Intellectual Property that protects a unique shape, ornamentation, pattern or configuration of a product. 

For example, if you made a uniquely shaped handbag, you could lodge a Registered Design Application for the shape of the handbag. Or, if you were selling a line of biscuits, you could apply for a design registration for the ornamentation on the biscuit tin.

If your business’ brand heavily relies on a particular design, applying for a design registration is a great way to protect your brand so your competitors can’t copy your design. 

Should your application be successful, you will have the exclusive right to your design for 5 years from the date on which you filed your application. This allows you to exclusively use, sell or license your design while registered. 

You may also want to ‘certify’ your design, which means your design is sufficiently new and distinctive enough to give you exclusive legal rights over it. If you want to certify your design, you first need to register it through IP Australia.

What’s The Process For Making A Registered Design Application? 

The process for applying for a design registration can be quite complex, so it’s a good idea to speak with a lawyer first.

At Sprintlaw, our lawyers like to understand your needs first before jumping into the entire process.

Our package for a Registered Design Application begins with a verbal consultation with a lawyer. This is a chance for the lawyer to guide you through the design registration process, and discuss whether your design would satisfy the criteria to be registered. 

This package also includes drafting your design application, helping you understand the extent of protection provided by the Design Application, and lodging the application with Intellectual Property Australia.

Need Help?

It can be difficult pinpointing the type of Intellectual Property protection you need for your product. A Design Registration might work in conjunction with other types of Intellectual Property, such as copyright and trade marks. 

At Sprintlaw, our lawyers specialise in Intellectual Property and can start with a consultation to guide you through your options. If you then proceed with a design registration, we’ll subtract the cost of the consult, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Feel free to reach out to our friendly team at team@sprintlaw.com.au or on 1800 730 617 to find out more.

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