A Talent Release Form is an agreement between any type of creative producer and the talent.

For example, if you are engaging an actor for a promotional video, it is industry practice to have them sign a document that allows you to use that content for your business purposes.

In this sense, a Talent Release Form effectively gives the producer the rights to use that content for promotional, commercial or other objectives related to the project.

Why Do I Need A Talent Release Form?

To make sure both you and the talent are aware of your intellectual property rights from the very beginning, it’s important to set this all out very clearly in a document.

This way, if any disputes were to come up, you have a clear legal document that proves that you were given permission to use that person’s talent or content for your business. 

What Is Included In A Talent Release Form? How Do I Use It?

A Talent Release Form is often in the form of a deed. This means that it has to be signed with a witness. 

A Talent Release Form gives the producer the right to make a recording of the talent, and also gives the producer all intellectual property rights to this recording.  

The document may address other ways the producer may use the recording in future, and would also include terms relating to copyright. 

Other important terms we generally include in such agreements are release of liability and waivers.

It is good (and industry) practice to use a Talent Release Form before a project begins to make sure that you are rightfully able to use that person’s talent for your business purposes. 

Need Help? 

Although it may be tempting to use a template, for a one-off flat fee you can ensure your Talent Release Form is drafted in a proper format, in accordance with Australian law, and is suited to your business. 

You can reuse our Talent Release Forms for each new production. You can contact us here to find out if a Talent Release Form would be useful for your business.

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