If your organisation is set up to benefit your community, you might want to get some volunteers on board to help with your great work. But, even though you’re bringing on someone to work for free, it’s still important to have the right legals in place. 

A Volunteer Agreement is an important document to ensure your volunteer knows what is expected of them, they agree to confidentiality provisions, and to limit your entity’s liability. 

Why Do I Need A Volunteer Agreement?

Often, volunteers in not-for-profit organisations who work with vulnerable members of the community may have access to sensitive information. To protect this information, it’s really important that confidentiality provisions are reflected comprehensively in your Volunteer Agreement. 

Volunteer Agreements also help you limit your entity’s liability, set expectations, control ownership of intellectual property, and lay out timeframes for the volunteer’s work. 

What’s Included In A Volunteer Agreement? How Do I Use It?

You should make sure each volunteer at your organisation has a chance to read over their agreement and agree to it before they begin volunteering. 

Their agreement will cover things like intellectual property rights, confidentiality, limitation of your liability, a specification that their work is unpaid, and a description of what their role entails. It can be reused from volunteer to volunteer, and you can insert relevant clauses each time to reflect the individual volunteer’s circumstances. 

Need Help?

We have assisted many not for profits and can help you draft a personalised Volunteer Agreement that suits your business’ needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at team@sprintlaw.com.au or on 1800 730 617 for a free, no obligations chat.

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