Joe Casey

Content Writer


Joe Casey is a Content Writer at Sprintlaw. He is a final year Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts student at the Australian National University.

Joe has developed his career in health policy/advocacy work, foreign affairs internships and government paralegal roles. He is deeply appreciative of how the law interacts with society on many different levels. As a result, Joe strives to ensure that the law can be accessed by everyone.

Working in a government legal space and in legal advocacy for NGOs, Joe has also developed a strong interest in legal policy and reform. These experiences emphasised the influence government policy has on the law and the real effects that this can have on businesses and individuals from all backgrounds. Observing this, Joe has become an advocate for sensible policy making.

Joe has a strong interest in international politics – particularly Australia’s regional neighbours. This interest was founded during Joe’s year spent in regional Thailand. Joe further pursued work experience in Asia-leading volunteering groups through Vietnam and the Philippines.  These experiences encouraged Joe to pursue a major in Asian Studies and he has enjoyed developing an expertise in Asian Pacific politics.

Joe firmly believes in the power of the law as a tool for change. Through deeper understanding of the law, he is determined to contribute to meaningful change in areas of inequality.

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