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We’re excited to announce our partnership with .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA). 

As a not-for-profit organisation, auDA brings a valuable and necessary service to all Australians. 

Now, we’re teaming up with them. 

With Sprintlaw’s expertise in providing forward thinking, innovative legal solutions and auDA’s management of Australia’s top level domain space, this partnership is bound to bring about new possibilities. 

Let’s take a closer look at what this could mean for our members. 

Who Are auDA And What Do They Do?

Let’s start with the basics – who exactly is auDA? 

auDA is the not-for-profit administrator of Australia’s .au domain and they’re endorsed by the Australian government. Essentially, auDA is the ‘protector’ of the ‘.au’ domain, preventing it from being corrupted or used by malicious entities. 

Currently auDA works with consumers, industry, government and the international community to license and administer the .au domain. Along with administering the 4.2 million .au names in the .au namespace, auDA ensures the .au domains remains open, free, secure and accessible for all Australians. 

How Can auDA’s Free Membership Help My Small Business? 

All Australian internet users are stakeholders in the .au domain space. There’s a good chance your small business has its own website (or will in the future). As such, domain protection goes hand in hand with your business interests, which is why being involved with auDA can help you stay on top. All .au members can benefit from the following perks:

How Do I Become A Member? 

You can become an .au member by visiting them online and filling out a simple application form. It’s free to join, plus it comes with a number of perks: 

  • Get regular updates on internet industry research and recent developments across Australia’s digital landscape
  • Receive invitations to business and industry networking events 
  • Be notified early on about on auDA initiatives
  • Gain the ability to participate in auDA board elections, giving you the power to vote on significant matters

Most importantly, an .au membership ensures you have a voice in the future of the .au domain.

Become an .au member today!

What’s Next?

With your support and input, auDA can continue to provide independent management to Australia’s identifying domain and keep the .au domain a safe, accessible, trusted and uniquely Australian asset for all internet users. 

Any questions? Contact auDA today!

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